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Paloma Salon and MicroSpa, Colorado Springs
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LA Deluxe SlimWrap--A full bodywrap combines the contouring mineral LA Slim Wrap in a warm, lay-down Far Infrared 
Sauna Blanket, providing you with the most effective slimming body wrap on the market. The LA SlimWrap physician
created proprietary solution of detoxifying minerals, detoxifying herbs and detoxifying essential oils helps decrease 
inches (a minimum of 6" overall is typical on your first visit,) helps to burn fat, calories, rev metabolism, remove harmful toxins, diminish stretch marks & cellulite, tone, tighten and re-mineralize skin & body in a relaxing lay down treatment. Includes a *Young Living Essential Oil Aromatherapy Session. Feel lighter, tighter and better with you first wrap! We suggest a series of 3 in 3 weeks for longer & cumulative results. 105 min. $145

Triple B SlimWrap--A partial Deluxe Wrap addressing the Belly, Booty & saddle Bags, incl. *. 90 min. $99
Men's Torso SlimWrap--A partial Deluxe Wrap addressing the Belly & Chest incl. * 80 min. $85
        (For additional information on the LA SlimWrap Deluxe & Triple B, please click here)
                  *Mega Detox Boost Add-On--Increase your detox and slimming results!  Add a 20 min far-infrared 
                        sauna on to any wrap for $40
Far Infrared Detox Wrap--A far-infrared laydown sauna treatment burns calories, detoxifies, revs metabolism, 
beautifies, tightens and cleanses skin, incl. *...40 min. $85

Ion Detox Foot Bath--Helps to remove toxins, energize, decrease pain, balance pH...... 18-23 min. $39
​*Aromatherapy Session--Relax, rejuvenate, revitalize with a Young Living Essential Oil aromatherapy customized especially for you. Relax on
a warmed far-infrared heated bed in a low lit room listening to soft music.  20 min   $20
Detox Bath Bombs--Made with detoxifying Young Living Oils embellished with dried detoxifying herbs  $5 each

                                                                                                   PERMANENT MAKE UP

Brows:      Micro-blading $450                  Eyeliner:      Top  $300                            Lips:    $450
                 Powdered $400                                                Bottom $250                            
                    3-D $450                                                           Both $500                           Touch-ups: $200 (previous clients only)
                                                       (Included in price: 2 sessions.  Lips include up to 3 sessions.)

Nipple/Areola Restoration  $400

Scar Revision/Tattoo Removal/Alopecia Camouflage  $150 hr. (+$100 initial set-up fee. Requires consultation)

Collagen Induction Therapy--helps to restore new collagen in specific areas to lessen wrinkles.  $150 hr.

Massage--the perfect elixir for good health! Not only can it provide an integration of body and mind by increasing relaxation and decreasing anxiety, massage helps lower your blood pressure, improves circulation, helps you sleep better and increases your concentration. Each session is customized to your needs. 1 hr. $75; 1.5 hrs. $95